You can download the latest edition of DX Studio™ from here. The installer is the same for all the different licenses - just run it without a license for the Freeware Edition.

Click the link below and either save the file first and then run it, or open it directly.

Free Commercial Pro License

The full DX Studio Commercial Pro edition is now free but requires registration to activate. To get your license key, you can either submit a score on our latest Facebook game (WordBog) following this WordBog Promo Link and/or a Follow on Twitter. If you are not on either, we may be able to accept another social network. Please post in the New Users forum and we will PM if approved.

The link to add your free Commercial Pro license is direct from WordBog following your first game, or for Twitter users see here when following.

Install Notes

If you are upgrading, just run the install as normal and it will automatically uninstall the old version first. It will also prompt if you want to keep any settings from the old version.

We have also made available a full setup of DX Studio for offline installation (as it includes all the DirectX and .Net Framework files that may also need to be installed).

Click here for the full offline editor setup.

If you have any problems with downloading or installation, please contact Worldweaver Support who will be happy to help.

To just be able to view DX Studio documents or X files, you can download the freeware DX Studio Player.

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