DX Studio is available in Freeware, Standard and Professional editions. To help choose which product best suits your requirements, the table below lists which features available in each version:-

Feature Freeware
Editing capabilities
Complete visual development environment yes yes yes
Context sensitive JavaScript source editor yes yes yes
Unlimited complexity* no yes yes
Pixel and vertex shader plugin effects no yes yes
Depth of Field effect on camera no yes yes
Javascript based XML and SOAP features no yes yes
Wiimote Support no yes yes
Call external DLLs no no yes
Import common 2D/3D media formats (including X, FBX, DAE, PNG, GIF, JPG) yes yes yes
Compressed wave and streaming video support yes yes yes
Export data no yes yes
Link to other players over a network no no yes
Integrated database client no no yes
Fast C++ based player in both EXE and DLL forms yes yes yes
Royalty free distribution yes yes yes
Encryption of documents and meshes no yes yes
Ability to customize and rebrand player no no yes
Installation/bug support yes yes yes
Premium technical support with priority feature requests. no yes yes

* Freeware Edition is limited to 10 mesh/bitmap definitions per scene, and 10 objects in the physics engine.