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Summer 2009 Competition Entries



Below are screenshots, download links and instructions for demos entered in the Summer 2009 Contest.

Ghosts'n'Skeletons (uomoartificiale)

Download Instructions

Download Ghosts'n'Skeletons

PacWars (MiKo)

A 3D multiplayer space sim, where good ol' PacMan raids the universe.

Download Instructions

Homepage, info and *.exe download: (External Link)

Download unlocked source: (DXStudio Library Link)

The Attack of the giant 8-bit Monster (JimmDaBimm)

It is a Pacman clone where you have to control pacman (*w00t*) through a city. The Police pursues you and the only way to get rid of them is to eat your medicine! Eat it and the policecars slow down and you can eat them. Don't forget eat all the humans ;)


Controls: Cursor Keys

Low-End Mode: Press F7 to reduce the amount of the Humans to 50%. This should speed up the game a bit.

Eastereggs: There are also 3 (or 4...not sure anymore *lol*) small eastereggs. Do you find them? ;)

Download Instructions


More infos, Screenshots and Downloads

KennyQuest (LF)

Download Instructions

Download KennyQuest

Yoshi's DX Wii Kart (ucm)

NOTE: This project is planned to continue and be made even more fun! If you are interested in contributing to the development then look for the main topic on the forums once it's formally announced

This is a racing game "demo" submitted by ucm.

It is strongly recommended playing this with your WiiMote, enjoy!

Download Instructions

You can download it from here: Yoshi's DX Wii Kart (Fan Game) by ucm

Sprites (David Shute)

Download Instructions

Download Sprites

Mr. Beans Nightmare (BUnzaga)

Download Instructions

Download Mr Beans Nightmare

Escaphell (Farad77)

Download Instructions

Download Escaphell

Looking for Ryu (Cardek)

Download Instructions

Download Looking for Ryu

Putters Paradise (Carl)

Download Instructions

Download Putters Paradise

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