DX Studio Version 3.0 Released
Thursday, September 25, 2008

We are delighted to announce that version 3 has now been fully released. It has been in development for a long time but we think you will enjoy the results.

Our sincere thanks to all those who have helped along the way.

Version 3 can be downloaded now from here!

Below is a list of all the new features for version 3. Don't forget we have also added loads of new tutorials and other info to the wiki and have some great new assets in the library.

Major new features in v3:-

  • Live editors - The integrated 2D and 3D editors let you bring together your models, environments, sounds and effects into a scene and define how it all behaves. As you edit, you can see exactly how the final scene will look with full shadows, per-pixel lighting, and anti-aliased fonts.
  • Controls and Modules - For true rapid application development, nothing beats reusable components, and the new controls and modules in DX Studio provide this for 2D and 3D respectively. A control behaves like a scene, but you expose properties and methods that will be picked up by a parent scene and hide all the internal workings. Some useful controls and modules have been put in the library to help get started.
  • Ogg Theora video support - HD video with HTTP streaming.
  • 3D Gizmo - you can now manipulate 3d content without switchingtools.
  • Javascript upgrade - scripts should execute faster, and now include all the latest JavaScript features.
  • Firefox and Chrome browser support - alongside the existing IE player.
  • Effects upgrade - you can now apply shaders to individual objects.
  • Integrated debugger - hit F5 to launch your doc in debug mode. Set breakpoints (F9), watches and step through your code (F11).
  • Database driven autocomplete - autocomplete now reads your variables for type information and is fully F1 synched to the reference guide.
  • Cubic reflection materials - a material can reflect the world objects around it.
  • Multitexturing - you can now apply your own light map or second texture to mesh materials.
  • Minor new Features in v3:-

  • Cloth vertex attachment supported - you can now attach cloth vertices to other physics objects (with an optional offset).
  • Vehicles - you can now add vehicles! Set the physics class to Vehicle, and use a Box shape for the chassis.
  • Text manipulation - you can now create bold, italic and underline text, borders and character spacing all via the editor or via script.
  • Per-object post processing effects - you can now apply post process effects to objects.
  • 2D cropping and masks - you can now crop a bitmap with a crop rectangle or use any other bitmap object as a mask (which allows for sequences)
  • 2D scenes inside 3D scenes - a new 2d effect plane effect 'virtualLayer' lets you place a 2d scene anywhere in a 3D space.
  • Timer functions - new functions setTimer(id, delay) and onTimer(id) allow simple timers to be made.
  • Multiline editable text - multiline edit boxes are now possible.
  • Support for pen tablet - now uses a different method of sampling the mouse.
  • Mesh thumbnail tool - go to Mesh Properties to set your own thumbnail in the mesh file.
  • New profiler - SHIFT+ALT+F12 to profile a document.
  • New font override capability (property on a font) - allows you to make a font override all other instances that use the same font id in any scenes.
  • New side-by-side installer - multiple copies of the editor can now be installed at the same time.
  • 2D scene editor snap tools restored.
  • Compact mesh and world object windows.
  • object.selectionShare - allows several objects to hover at once.
  • Poster preview will use JPG if no alpha channel - allows more compression.
  • Script file controls - add from file/rename/remove js scripts.
  • Control and module mesh sharing - controls and modules now share meshes and bitmaps for faster loads and less memory.
  • worldPos now returns root scene worldPos - useful for modules.
  • object.parent and object.scene added - you can navigate to the scene or parent.
  • Improved document render. Advanced sequence control - you can now create detached and relative sequences.
  • object.cursor - set this in the same way as system.ui.mouse.cursor for an automatic cursor switch.
  • object.sequenceLoop - handy property to control whether the playing sequence will loop.
  • system.garbageCollectPeriod - (advanced) set this to control the frequency of collection.
  • system.garbageCollect() - (advanced) call this to garbage collect manually.
  • object.parent - returns the parent object.
  • Material assignment - you can now set meshes.mesh1.materials.mat_1=meshes.mesh2.materials.mat_5; and all the properties will be copied over automatically.
  • Text UI - you can now select and copy/paste text in a textbox with the mouse.
  • List UI - maximum rows (before a scrollbar appears) can now be set in the UI.
  • DisplaySettings property on COM - you can set this node with an XML string.
  • Per-object materials - just set object.ownMaterials=true, then you can set as you like.
  • External file support - you can set the external link manually in the Resources window (right click) to put any resource or scene outside of the DX Studio document.
  • Cloth thickness exposed - this was causing an issue in previous releases as the cloth appeared to float above the ground.
  • Cloth wind - you can now set a simple wind effect on cloth with object.physics.clothWindSet(vector).
  • Player window printing - system.window.print will send your player window to the printer (with optional settings dialog).
  • Joystick pov axes set to just under 0 at init time to help with ps3/xbox controllers.
  • 2D grid now drawn when snap to grid is on.
  • 3D grid now drawn with transparent lines.
  • Fonts are now updated in real-time.
  • More 2D effects have been added to objects.
  • The document preview now uses the document folder for the temp file (so system.folders.document always returns the correct path).
  • object.ui.textCaretPos and object.ui.textSelectionPos now let you set the cursor/selection range.
  • Added Alt + LMB - camera rotation around centre of scene/object, Alt + MMB - camera X, Y movement, Alt + RMB - camera Z movement.
  • network onNetworkData functions - be sure to use the v3 server for v3 documents.
  • Text now uses the explicit size (resolution) in the fonts dialog.
  • Improved codepad editor speed with longer docs.
  • New default layout with compacted lists.
  • Shift+click now multiselects a region in the objects window.
  • Cursor now flashes in empty textboxes.
  • Alpha support added for virtual planes.
  • resources.add takes new cache parameter.
  • New clamp uv option on a material.
  • onBackgroundLoadComplete now called in both document and scene scripts.

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