DX Studio Version 3.1 Released
Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We are please to announce the official release of DX Studio version 3.1.

The main focus for v3.1 has been on large environments and the engine now comes with an advanced terrain and shadow mapping system that allows you to create massive seamless outdoor environments. The design moves beyond the traditional height field approach and, due to the use of a freeform mesh based approach, allows for overhanging cliffs, caves and vertical terrain.

Hardware skinned meshes and shadows are also supported which helps DX Studio display large numbers of characters and dense foliage in the same scene without hitting performance.

Other new release features include an integrated web browser with Flash support, an expansion of the PhysX capabilities, new resource management and file sharing systems for larger projects and Wiimote support.

There are also some great new demos (including a large tropical island that has been split into two and joined with a cave network) and tutorials available on the wiki.

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