Applications Summary

DX Studio can save months of development time by providing a fast and stable engine that can be fully customized and extended using a visual editing environment.

Some of the possible uses of DX Studio are listed below...



As the casual and virtual world gaming markets continue to expand, DX Studio now the tool of choice for many developers. The platform is well suited to creating all genres of game including FPS, RPG and MMOG. Prototypes can also be rapidly created to test ideas for larger projects.

Case Studies:

Summer 2009 Competition Entries

Winter 2008 Competition Entries

Game Over Studios - Smile

Hut of the Dead


The JavaScript language behind DX Studio is powerful enough to handle complex 3D simulations with the minimum amount of coding. You can control everything in a scene from 3D object positions and rotations to texture coordinate changes in real-time.

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Architectural Visualization

Demand is growing rapidly for real-time visualizations of both commercial and residential developments. The DX Studio user interface and 3D can easily be combined into a tools for creating all sorts of interactive walkthroughs and virtual property developments. We also provide plugings for a number of key 3D modelling packages used by the industry.

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Serious Games

Our platform has been heavily used within this sector since 2004 and we have built up a rich features set to support all kinds of serious game environments. Current applications using DX Studio include naval simulators, military training, flight simulators, infection control, medical diagnosis and educational street culture scenarios.

Case Studies:

Medical Diagnosis

Online Retail / Product Configurators

DX Studio is perfectly suited to creating 3d shopping environments. Controls and drop down lists make building quick and allow for replication and reusability. For showcasing products with different options (such as colour), interactive configurators are the way forward. DX Studio allows you to quickly build high quality display systems allowing users to choose their desired specs in full 3d.

Web Development

An exicting new wave of web designers are moving away from the limitations imposed by 2D layouts and are begining to create fully interactive 3D websites.

Case Studies

La Puce @ l’Oreille & Helium


With an intuitive interface and relatively simple coding language, DX Studio is used as a teaching tool by many universities and colleges throughout the world. Key current course areas include, but are by no means limited to, 'Game Design & Development', 'Digital Media', 'Virtual Reality' and '3D Animation'.

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Our interface has been designed to allow for touchscreen characteristics - 3D objects can be simply set to 'clickable' giving large intuitive areas for people to touch.

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Microsoft Office

If you use Microsoft Office®, you can spice up presentations by adding interactive 3D.  You can simply insert your DX Studio™ interactive world into a page of the presentation, move and size it on the page, and preview the result.  This gives you all of the power of the 3D multimedia engine in a familiar environment.

ActiveX® in Visual Studio®

If you are a developer, you can add 3D interactive environments into your own Visual Studio applications. As the player is a fully functioning COM object, it can be used in Visual C++, C# or VB.Net projects. This can save a huge amount of time in developing DirectX enabled applications, along with the cost savings of using the bundled WYSIWYG 2D/3D editor.

Special Effects

The particle system in DX Studio can be used to enhance lighting and to create amazing special effects. Such systems are currently in use for visual effects at live music events. Controls can easily be set to match and alter the effects in line with changes in rhythm, pitch, etc.

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